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This is the blog of the basketball team of Krasnodar school  № 96, Russia. It is created for basketball players and their parents as well as for everybody who is interested in basketball and streetball.

We want:
       - To tell the world about our team;
       - To find friends among the other basketball and streetball teams to communicate and to play with.

Our basketball team was founded on September 1,2006. 10-15 year old players have basketball practice in our school club. We take part in the competitions of different levels (district, city, region). We also participate in unofficial matches with the teams we are interested in. The players of the famous Russian basketball team "Lokomotiv-Kuban" (Krasnodar) have hold two master classes for our team's players.

The author of the blog: Vladimir Prodan, the Physical Education teacher,  basketball coach.


The structure of the blog:
1. Home page;
2. Team's players;
3. Team's history;
4. Sports season 2011-2012; 
5. Team's coach;
6. To parents; 
7. Basketball history; 
8. Streetball history; 
9. Basketball practice; 
10. About the blog;
11. Contacts.

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